About Chuck

From My Eyes to Yours

Conveying Magic Through The Lens

That’s me there in the hat. Some of the hats I’ve worn include  Video guy, Web guy, entrepreneur, journalist, and of course Weird Guy. Moving to Minnesota’s North Shore with my wife Lori in 2020 has reignited my love of nature and photography. From sunrises on Lake Superior to haunting fogscapes in Superior National Forest, I’m in perpetual awe of this ever-changing landscape – and our need to protect it.

Our home is Tofte, a small hamlet about 2 hours north of Duluth, within ceded Ojibwe lands of the 1854 Treaty. On a good day we can see Lake Superior and Carlton Peak from our driveway.

The boreal forest we share is home to incredible wildlife that I’m always trying to glimpse with my eyes and lens, from boreal chickadees to wolves, moose, bears, foxes, bobcats and lynx. I’m just another forest animal, striving to live in balance with our environment and the welcoming Arrowhead community.

The boreal world does wonders for my mental health, and I hope my work brings you some of the respite and awe that I feel when I’m out exploring. 


Chuck Olsen at the lake


Sunrise at Temperance RIver

Fine Art Photography

Inspired By Nature

Scatter in me the seeds
Of a thousand saplings.
Let grow a grassy heaven.
On my brow: a sun.
This bliss is yours, Living
World, and alone it endures.

                  – excerpt from “Nature Aria” by Yi Lei